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Turanlar Group of Companies was established in Istanbul by Hasan- Fuat- Nihat Turan brothers in 1953 and has continued its activities until today in many areas such as the forest products industry, tourism, maritime transport, food industry and contracting.

Today, our group successfully carries out its activities through its companies in the forest industry, tourism, paper and food sector and continues to invest quickly.

It is the only investor in Europe and Middle East and one of few investors in the world that can produce so many kinds of wood-based panel. In its integrated facilities, film-filmless plywood, laminate for interior and exterior use, melamine-raw particle board, melamine-raw-printed mdf, laminate parquet, light panel, construction mold and scaffolding systems, H20 beam, tea bag filter paper and wall paper are produced.

With respect to tourism sector, in which it operates as well, it is one of the names that to come to mind in terms of quality and hospitality in Turkish tourism with its important facilities in the Antalya region.

Peli Timeline
Peli Timeline (1949-2017)

our philosophy

As Turanlar Group, we believe in the phenomenon that our productions and the quality of the services we offer is a mirage and should always be followed.

“Every design that passes the test of reason and thought will surely be realized someday on a time scale.”

“Peace and prosperity arising from being beneficial to our country and our people and doing our duty will ignite our energy potential and lead us in the direction of our aims.”

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Peli proudly represent the Turkish industry by exporting its products to all over the world.